»Essential mix« means the elementary,
harmonic interplay of objects, materials, colours
and forms, which deeply fascinate me.

This fascination is the basis, the essential mix,
upon which my jewellery is growing.

For me, my necklaces are like poems on the
body, a poetry in objects. Colours and shapes
forming sentences and signs, playing and
communicating together and merging into new
formations. Through the effect of colours,
materials and shapes, an independent, artificial
and self-explanatory image should develop
and turn the wearer into a breathtaking painting.

Furthermore, my necklaces are about the un-
conditional beauty of colours and shapes
and about decorative equality. My necklaces
are made of materials which fascinate me,
of objects from everyday life, consumption and
the environment, which represents me,
my culture and the time I am living in.

If you are interested in a piece,
please send me an inquiry at

Photographs by Mareen Fischinger