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  • Denise J. Reytan is a Berlin-based jewellery designer and artist. She’s been creating jewellery as well as installations and art objects for the past 12 years.

  • Reytan´s work is an exploration in contrasts –
    between materials, values, colours and personal
    content. She is questioning conventional
    boundaries and is interested in the transformation
    of precious into non-precious and vice versa.
    But the question is also one about the ideal and
    intrinsic value of objects and their importance.

  • Reytan’s jewellery making is like material painting. She’s creating wearable collages in a very picturesque way by combining various materials in a wide range of shining colors: for instance, precious gemstones, textiles, silicone and her own casted plastic objects. Thereby, Reytan’s pieces become unique compositions that all have a story to tell. They become »poems on the body« made with a great love for detail and a special sense for the statement the pieces carry over. The T1MEPEACE bracelet looks like a watch, yet, it reminds you to enjoy life and to forget about time.
  • All jewellery is handmade and manufactured in Berlin.

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  • Since 2009
    • Studio in Berlin

  • 2003 – 2008
    • Student of Product- and Jewellery Design, University of Applied Science, HSG Duesseldorf, Germany, with Prof. Elisabeth Holder & Prof. Herman Hermsen. Degree: Diploma

  • 2000 – 2003
    • Student at the Technical College for Design of Jewellery and Objects, Goldsmith School Pforzheim, Germany. Teacher: Winfried Krüger
      Degree: State – certificated Designer for Jewellery and Objects


  • Mar 2022
    • Lecturer at the HS Luzern University, XS Jewellery Design, Switzerland
  • Mar 2018
    • Lecturer at Birmingham City University, School of Jewellery, Faculty of Arts, Design and Media, GB
  • Jan 2018
    • Lecturer at KHiO, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, NOR
  • Nov 2017
    • Lecturer at the University of Applied Science Düsseldorf, HSDPBSA
  • Sept 2017
    • Lecturer at the ArtEZ Academy of Arts, Arnhem, NL
  • Jun 2017
    • Lecturer at the Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, Tokyo, Japan
  • Mar 2017
    • Lecturer at the HS Luzern University, Switzerland
  • Mar 2016
    • Lecturer at the PXL University Hasselt, BE
  • Aug 2014
    • Lecturer at COOP, Berlin, DE
  • Mar 2013
    • Lecturer at the University of Applied Science Düsseldorf, HSDPBSA
  • Jul 2012
    • Lecturer at the University of Applied Science Düsseldorf, HSDPBSA
  • Jan 2009
    • Workshop as part of a nationwide pilot project “Cultural Education at all-day schools” of the German Children and Youth Foundation.
  • May 2009
    • Lecture about my work at the 42. Schmucksymposium at Zimmerhof


  • 2013
    Artist in Residence at the IRAA (Institute for Research in Applied Arts), University of Apllied Science Düsseldorf, Germany
  • 2011
    Artist in Residence in Idar-Oberstein, Gemstone & Jewellery Department, University of Applied Art Trier, Germany
  • 2006
    Designer assistant in the Department of Jewellery and Accessories design, H&M, Hennes and Mauritz, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2004 / 2005
    Scholarships at the European School of Fine Arts, Trier, Germany
  • 2004
    Trainee at the Marzee Gallery, Nijmegen, NL
  • 2003
    Trainee at the Illios Gallery, Corfu, Greece


  • Since 2012 the necklace “VERREAUXII” is represented in the permanent collection of the Jewellery Museum Pforzheim, Germany.


  • 2022
    • »Picture Ware« / Extranalities Exhibition No.8, Sieraad Art Fair, Amsterdam, NL
  • 2021
    • »All moods on board« /Extranalities Exhibition No.7, Gallery V&V, Vienna, AU
  • 2020
    • »Mechanorganic« / Extranalities Exhibition No.6, Gallery, Silver festival Legnica, POL Bergen
  • 2019
    • »Ugly_Beautiful« / Extranalities Exhibition No.5, Gallery KRAFT, Bergen, NOR Bergen
  • 2018
    • »Chaos« Exhibition, Munich Jewellery Week, DE
  • 2017
    • »Chaos« Exhibition, Alliages Gallery, Lille, BE
  • 2016
    • »100 Beste Plakate«, Kulturforum Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
  • 2015
    • »Inspiration Lab« Ausstellung, Inhorgenta München, DE
  • 2014
    • »Wearing It Loud« Exhibition at R/R Gallery New York City, USA
    • »New Old Silver Gold« Exhibition at Inhorgenta Fair Munich, Germany
  • 2012
    • »A Girl´s Best Friends« Exhibition at Gestalten Space, Sophie-Gips-Höfe, Berlin
    • »Wearing silver, black and other colours« Exhibition at G96 – New Values Gallery, Berlin
    • »Blooming art« Exhibition at Sterling Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
    • »International Jewellery – based on readymades«, Telemark Kunstnersentre, Skien, Norway
  • 2011
    • »Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition« at Gallery Toi, Osaka, Japan – Toi
    • »Noon + 5 Berliner Gäste zeigen neuen
      Schmuck« at Noon, Berlin
    • »ZEIT:maschinen«, Museum at Schlossberg, Graz, Austria
    • »Brooch«, Exhibition at Sterling Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
    • »Südsee«, Exhibition at gallery Friends of Carlotta, Zürich, Switzerland
    • »True Colours«, New Traditional Jewellery, Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, NL
  • 2010
    • »True Colours«, NTJ, Amsterdam and Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein
    • »Poems on the Body«, Exhibition at Gallery Schmuckfrage, Berlin
    • »Future Forum Berlin 2010« , DMY, Berlin
    • »Heimat«, exhibition at Gallery Werft11, Cologne, Germany
  • 2009
    • »Changing room« with Chicks on speed, Hotel Chic, Barcelona, Spain
    • Alumni Lecturer: Zimmerhof Jewellery symposium ‘Facettenreich / Full of Facets’
    • »Urbansinn«, Fitting Forward, Hamburg, Germany
    • »Superstore – No Boarders«, Modefabriek, International Fashion, Art&Craft Fair, Amsterdam, NL
  • 2008
    • »Sieraad International Jewellery Art Fair«, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    • »International Graduation Show«, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    • »Grüsse aus Duesseldorf«, Galerie V&V, Vienna, Austria
    • »Konsumwelle«, Shop Window Installation, Kaufhof am Wehrhahn, Duesseldorf, D
  • 2007
    • »Zehn«, Prof. Caturelli Anniversary Exhibition, Ballhaus, Duesseldorf, Germany
  • 2006
    • »New Traditional Jewellery«, Sieraad, Exhibition in Amsterdam & Mexico
    • »Entry«, Zeche Zollverein, Essen, Germany
    • »WorldWash«, Urban Projection, Front of K20 museum, Duesseldorf, Germany
      See WorldWash
  • 2004
    • »Goldherbst «, exhibition in Pforzheim, Germany
    • »Ornament«, 3-D work, Carharrt Store Duesseldorf, Germany
  • 2003
    • »Extract«, Final exhibition at Museum for Jewellery Reuchlinhaus, Pforzheim, Germany
  • 2002
    • »175 Rings«, Gallery X5, Ulm, Germany
    • »Grassifair«, Grassimuseum, Leipzig, Germany
    • »14th German Young Talent Competition for Gemstone & Jewellery Design«, Idar-Oberstein, Germany

Galleries & Concept stores

  • MoMA Store New York City, US
    MoMA Store Tokyo, Japan
    Colette, Paris, FR
    Centre Pompidou Museums Boutique, Paris, FR
    Chez maman, Paris, FR
    Gestalten Space, Berlin, Germany
    Gestalten Pavillion, Bikinihaus, Berlin, Germany
    Schmuck Fritz, Berlin, Germany
    Gallery S. Lachaert, Gent, Belgium
    SueCommaBonnie, Seoul, Korea
    Kodu, Ekaterinburg, Russia
    Toykio Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany
    Toi Gallery, Osaka, Japan
    Online:, Berlin
    Farfetch, UK
    Saatchi Store, UK

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  • 2020
    • »New Bracelets: 400 Designs in Contemporary Jewellery«, Book by Nicolas Estrada* 2016
    • »New Necklaces: 400 Designs in Contemporary Jewellery«, Book by Nicolas Estrada
  • 2015
    • »Made in Germany« Inspiration Lab, (DE)
      »Museumsguide of the »Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim«, Arnoldsche Verlag, DE
      »A.I.R. Collection« Book about the Jakob Bengel Stiftung Idar-Oberstein, DE
  • 2014
    • »Berlin for Women only«, Berlin Guide, Brandstätter Verlag (DE)
      »Surface Magazine« Issue III, New York (US)
  • 2013
    • Jewel Book 2012/13, International Annual of Contemporary Jewel Art, Stichting Kunstboek, BE
  • 2012
    • On the cover of »A Girl´s Best Friends« from Gestalten Verlag ,
      “High touch”, book by Gestalten Verlag (DE),
      Work for Nido Magazine (DE),
      Jewellerydesign for Petra Magazine (DE),
      Installation work for “OE Magazine” (DE), WAD Magazine (FR), Contemporary Jewelry Art Book (UK), Blonde Magazine (DE), Reflect (DE), Maxima (PT) Polski Jubiler (PL), ,
  • 2011
    • Sleek Magazine (DE), WAD Magazine (FR), Diane Pernet´s Blog ASVOF
      Art Aurea (DE), Quality magazine (DE), Plaza Watch Magazine (SE) , Zitty Modebuch Berlin (DE), GZ magazine (DE), Frosting Magazine (AU), Welt am Sonntag (DE), Der Zeit Magazine (DE), etc.
  • 2010
    • Vogue Gioiello (ITA), Madame (FR), Velvet (VEN), Aishti (middle east), GZ (DE), Schmuck (DE), Blonde (DE), Arcade (DE), Flare (CAN), Holland Herald (NED), WestEast (CHN), Neon Magazine (DE), Zitty Modebuch (DE), Vogue (DE), Cosmopolitan (FRA), Zitty (DE), Knack Weekend (BE), etc.
    • »Output 12«, International Yearbook for works of students
  • 2009
    • WAD Magazine (FRA), Modzik (FRA), Glamour (ITA), Expresso (POR), F5 (RUS), Azure Magazine (CAN), Map Magazin (AUS), Revista Gloss (BRA), Clear Magazine (US), Freestyle Magazine (DE) etc.
    • »GZ Plus«, Cover photo of International Jewelery Magazine, DE
    • »Sustainable Jewellery« by Julia Manheim, A&C Black Publisher Ltd (UK)
  • 2008
    • »Schmuck-Design der Moderne«, Book by Reinhold Ludwig, Arnoldsche Verlag (DE)
    • »The Jewellery Compendium«, by Andy Lim, Darling Publications (DE)
    • »Small objects of great art«, Sieraad-International Jewellery Art Fair (NL)
    • »International Graduate Show 2008«, Marzee Magazine Nr.63 (NL)
    • »As we like it:«, Jewellery and Tableware by Ulrich Haass, Arnoldsche Verlag (DE)
    • »Grüsse aus Düsseldorf nach Wien«, Schmuck Magazine (DE)
  • 2003 – 2007
    • »ZEHN«, Exhibition catalogue, by Celia Caturelli (DE), »Extrakt « Exhibition catalogue, Goldsmithschool Pforzheim (DE), »GZ Art+Design International Jewellery Magazine« (DE), »Mit Gold und Gummi«, Rheinische Post (DE)


  • Animated jewellery video »WORLD WASH« from 2006. Watch it here: Vimeo

  • visited me in my studio in spring 2012 and interviewed me about my work and my dealings with preciousness of materials. Have a look at the video here
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