I design traditional costumes in a new way, as I
envisage them today.
These costumes represent the environment and
the diverse cultures which surround me, my social
status and my interests. Therefore, I combine the
traditional aspect of the costumes with the spirit
of our time and thereby change basic values,
by combining and newly interpreting, modern and
traditional characteristics, shapes, materials,
techniques, patterns and statements.
Traditional costume is an individual medium and
coherent jewellery ensemble, that enables you
to express your personality through clothes,
accessories and jewellery.
Traditional costumes resemble poems on the body.
Colours and shapes form sentences and signs and
turns the body into a breathtaking painting.
“EINTR8” means a new Traditional costume that
is harmonious. In line with fashion, accessories
and jewellery, with a brotherly sense of union
between regional and global aspects.
“EINTR8” is independent of time, culture, age,
status, language and connect the people of this
world through unconditional beauty and unite
them in decorative harmony.

Photographs by M. Fischinger