Plastic Poem VII

I was invited to give another »Plastic Poem Workshop« at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnheim, NL.
We had a great time working on cool ideas and it was also a pleasure to meet the other teachers/ designers/ artists, who also gave amazing workshops!
This time the students work in groups and songs served as inspiration. They transformed their ideas into sculptural designed poems and the resulting pieces 
were staged in a final photo shoot, which is always an important part of my workshop. Our photographer was Christian Rolfes, who did a great job!

Under each photo, you will find the related song.

Photo No.1 – “Cultural objects, losing identity..”
Work by Eva Slegers, Gijs Wouters & Ruben Hoogvliet

Photo No.2 – “So comfortable, we’re living in a bubble, we cannot see the trouble.” Work by Bobbie Visser, Dirk Vaessen & Finn Bekkering

Photo No.3 – “Turn your Reality into a Fantasy world.”
Work by Maartje Faber, Merel Dassen & Chloe Geurts

Photo No.4 – “You can start a revolution, to fly away, leave the world and start a new, we just gotta try.” Work by Mireille Steinhage, Michelle Ponsteen & Lara Klingenberg

Photo No.5 – “Success seems luxurious, a wonderful thing. But if you take a step closer, you will see the downside of success.” Work by Sies Dingemans, Daniël Gé van der Hoek & Gi Yong Woo

Photo No.6 – “Afraid, to show who we are, Under cover, Hide away, Feeling vulnerable, Seeking protection, In this way.” Work by Eline ten Busschen, Evita Bouwmeester & Roos Prenger

Photo No.7 – “It’s murder on the dance floor, but you’d better not kill the groove ” Work by Anne-Jet de Nas & Gabriel Giordano