Parts of a unity

I have drawn 60 City Light Posters for the exhibition »Parts of a Unity« Stories from the Collection of the Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden. You can find them now glowing all over Dresden!

See our Making-of video here

You can visit the exhibition at the Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau Dresden – 7. März bis 21. Juni 2015

Exhibition and graphic design: Fons Hickmann m23

About the exhibition:

The Dresden Museum of Decorative Arts lists more than 55,000 inventory numbers, each of which can tell its own story. The exhibition draws from the museum’s entire collection resources, the “unity”, and proceeds to show “parts” of it.
It focuses on references and relation- ships that can arise between a unity and its individual constituents. Accordingly, in the exhibition “Parts of a Unity” we see unexpected neighbourships happening. Overall, this results in new ways of seeing things and puts the spotlight on the Museum of Decorative Arts as
an institution with contemporary relevance, its collection ranging far beyond Baroque pomp and circumstance.