Reytan X Moma

We are SUPER HAPPY to have our Precious Plastic necklace and the T1MEPEACE #Red now available exclusively in the US at MoMA!!!! And here at!!!! YAY!!!

Here is what MoMA says about our necklace:

»German jewelry designer Denise J. Reytan bridges the gap between sculpture and painting with her dramatic mixed media necklace. Using a special silicone-casting method, Reytan eternalizes various nostalgic objects gathered over her lifetime—from precious pieces of considerable value to special trinkets salvaged from her childhood.
By unifying these pieces into a single silicone piece, she dismisses the hierarchy of value determined by an object’s monetary worth, and instead presents a harmonious gathering in which each piece is equally precious and important.«

Handmade in Germany of high quality casting resin, rose quartz, dyed jade, amethyst, mountain crystal, howlite, reconstructed turquoise, acrylic glass and sterling silver.

If you would like any further information or would like to pre-order a necklace please email us at

Our T1MEPEACE #Red is available here

Have a look at our necklace in the MoMA Store