I have an intuitive approach to jewellery. My jewellery making is like material painting. I paint collages with various materials, different shapes and colors, assembling them and letting them play and communicate together. I use important objects from my life: things from childhood, jewellery from my family, objects collected from different times and countries.

By the use of silicone casting and electroforming, I capture all of them in one moment. I found a way to connect these diverse elements and transform them into one single piece of jewellery. Unify all these objects in the same materiality, in silver. So afterwards everything is in harmony, has the same value and equality.

Seeing things with new eyes, turning them around, turning things on their head, and seeing what happens – questioning the old and familiar and the boundaries between precious and non-precious. I am interested in their transformation.

© photos D.J.Reytan