My jewellery making is like material painting.
I paint with stones and chains, combining materials,
colours and assembling objects to a whole
new creature.
Jewellery is a reflection and an objective adherence
of thoughts and feelings into material, form and colour.
With the silicone casting method I found a possibility to
connect my collected things together in one single
piece of jewellery.
These things are beloved objects from my life:
things from childhood, jewellery from my family, from
different times, countries or finds. They all represent me,
my entity, my interests, my social status, the diverse
cultures which surround me and the modern time I and
we are living in.
I like to create associations & stories in peoples mind.
By the use of cast plastic, I unify all these objects in same
colour, materiality and value. So afterwards everything
is in harmony, has the same value and decorative equality
and it doesn´t matter, if something was precious
or non-precious before.