What a pleasure! I was invited to give another »Plastic Poem« Workshop at the Birminham City University – School of Jewellery

Poems or songs served as inspiration and were transformed into sculptural designed poems. The results 
were staged in a final photo shoot..and all in only 4 days. They did a great job! Photos by Tristan Pritchard.

Under each photo, you will find the inspiring poem or song.

Works by:

Photo No.1 – Dianrui Fu & Luke Rennie

Photo No.2 – Ningjue Ji & Yahan Fan

Photo No.3 – Yueshan Wang & Yichen Wang

Photo No.4 – Chloe Henderson & Naomi Clarke 

Photo No.5 – Bingchan Yuan & Qixuan Jin

Photo No.6 – Tilly Wright

Photo No.7 – Hao-Chen Shih & Jingyao Sun