I was invited to give a »Plastic Poem« Workshop at KHiO – Oslo National Academy of the Arts

I had a group with 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students. Poems or songs served as inspiration and were transformed into sculptural designed poems. The results 
were staged in a final photo shoot..and all in only 4 days. They did a great job!
Big thanks to Prof. Jorge Manilla and to our photographer Christian Tviberg

Under each photo, you will find the inspiring poem or song.

Photo No.1 – »Beautiful chaos and passion for another human being. The dark thoughts one struggle with and the patience support from the love one.« — Work by Sayo Ota & Ronja Wickstrøm

Photo No.2 – »The feeling of being trapped by the pressure of time. Always fighting. But still… always creating.« — Work by Tove Eek-Kristensen & Renate Dahl

Photo No.3 – »Suppressed personality. Blurred individuality« — Work by Gudmundur Helgi Arnarson & Joel Correia

Photo No.4 – »Life is a journey in layers & stages. I peeled off the layers & transform into something better.« — Work by Veronica Cheann 

Photo No.5 – »The anticipation of chaos. Looking for beauty in catastrophe.« — Work by Marit Fujiwara

Photo No.6 – »The heart is wild and yerns for what it cannot, and should not have. Like a dog you must rein it in and be your own master to protect yourself.« — Work by Robin Strøm Nilsen & Rebecca Davan Salvesen

Photo No.7 – »It´s about the ups and downs of life, happy and sad. These are the things in life you can´t control.« — Work by Pernilla Friberg & Solvor Fermann-Khalifeh 

Photo No.8 – »Not allowing people to take advantage of you and hang on your neck.« — Work by Cecilia Bivald & Klara Sandquist Brydewalla